CINEMATIQ TALK w/special guests, Caryn Ward Ross & Craig Ross Jr., Producers of new film, 'The Affair'| Tues., August 13, 2013 (10 AM)

An interview with Caryn Ward Ross & Craig Ross Jr., Producers of the new film, 'The Affair', a film about infidelity and how far two people will go to heal. A cinema verite expĂ©rience shot solely on the iPhone 5! 

The candid conversation between the husband and wife team, explores the project from digital filmmaking technologies, production, post-production and distribution.  Currently, Craig & Caryn is running a Kickstarter.com campaign to raise funds for their innovative project, 'The Affair'. Contributions start as low as $5. ow.ly/nHPVZ | www.CINEMATIQmag.com/webexclusive.php 

CINEMATIQ TALK w/special, Yolonda Ross, actress, writer and director of 'Breaking Night' | Mon., July 8 (Part I) | Tues., July 9 (Part 2) 

Join Yolonda Ross and Ange guest l Brown, CINEMATIQ Magazine publisher, for a candid discussion on analyzing characters of color placement in her film and how imagery is influential in one's life. In addition, the discussion briefly explores,  the use and importance of sound designed, character study with minimal dialogue, cinematography and lighting design specifically of light and dark images within the same frame and visual storytelling.

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Attika J. Torrence discusses with Angel Brown, CINEMATIQ Magazine founder, the humble beginnings of Independent Film New York (IFNY) and the collaboration with Malik Yoba to produce "The Working Actor Monologue" competition.  NBC Universal sponsors this year competition    . Follow @CINEMATIQmag | http://www.CINEMATIQmag.com for complete coverage.  Click here to view this interview on our new youtube channel - CINEMATIQ TV 

Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts  | 1 University Plaza Brooklyn, NY 11201

Thursday, June 27, 2013Complimentary Cocktail Reception 6:15pm - 7:15pmShowtime is 7:30pm SHARPFor tickets please go to http://www.kumbletheater.org